WIN! Crystalbelle Honoured As Young PR Professional of the Year 2020

This week marked a milestone of incredible achievement for all of us at VoxEureka as our Associate Partner, Crystalbelle Lau, emerged the winner in PRWeek & Campaign Asia’s PRAwards Asia Young PR Professional of the Year 2020 in the Agency category.

It is an astounding personal achievement for Crystal as she becomes the first Malaysian to win the prestigious regional award since 2009. The only other Malaysian winner being AirAsia’s Daphne Cheah in the In-House category, back in 2015.

Crystal was certainly elated:

“I am truly grateful to be receiving this recognition. It’s been an amazing journey and I want to thank the team and clients we partner who have made VoxEureka the thriving agency we are today. I am most grateful, however, for my husband who has supported, challenged, and afforded me the time and freedom to accomplish my goals and dreams. There’s so much more to achieve together and I look forward to my many, more years of pursuing my passions.”

The PR Awards Asia 2020 Winners


While the winners are not informed on how or why they are selected, we believe that Crystal’s life story of grit and resilience won the judges’ hearts and minds. It was certainly no easy feat for a lass from Kota Kinabalu facing university as a single mother without her family. Yet, as the years went on, it was clear that Crystal was more than up to the challenge. From part-time jobs to juggling motherhood and the pressure-cooker PR industry (which she still does today), she has emerged a role model for aspiring young women who long to balance a successful career with a wholesome family.

Quotes from the team:

“I was overjoyed to see Crystal’s name on the winner’s list; it took a lot of restraint to refrain from calling her (before the team announcement)! I am so thankful to call her my mentor, and am cheering her on to greater things. In our eyes, Crystal has never needed an award because we see her leadership qualities day-in day-out. But to be recognised regionally by her peers across Asia-Pacific is an astounding achievement.” – Christina How, Team Lead

“Crystal has been such an amazing mentor and leader even from my internship days. She is uber confident, passionate, a great problem solver, and maintains calm in highly stressful situations. Her personality and leadership style exudes a magnetism that people gravitate to. She is not only an exceptional leader and colleague, but a dear and trusted friend. I really cannot think of anyone else more deserving of this award, and it has been a privilege to still be able to work alongside her after all these years.” – Nadhrah Zakian, Consultant

“Crystal is one of those born for their careers, with the confidence and smarts that inspire others to trust in her abilities. She is incredibly patient, fair and firm when it comes to work and mentoring others, but also has an easygoing personality and spark that commands the room. It’s no surprise that our Vox mama is recognised for such an award and I’m truly excited to see the heights to which she can soar to.” – Madelyn Gan, Senior Consultant

“This is such wonderful recognition for Crystal and I could not be more proud of her. It’s actually not that surprising because she has been consistently outstanding for years. That being said, having our industry colleagues recognise and celebrate her truly validates her tenacity and hard work. To have her bearing Malaysia’s flag on the regional stage makes it even sweeter. Honestly, I’m grateful that our paths have been intertwined because there’s no one else I would rather be taking VoxEureka’s journey with. She has been pivotal to our explosive growth and thoroughly deserves every accolade she receives.” – Jonathan Tan, Managing Director

Crystals’s resilience won over the judges’ hearts


The announcement, which came last Friday was celebrated by the team virtually over Zoom. While deprived of a center-stage moment that would have taken place in Hong Kong, the euphoria remained sky-high and celebrations are in order when the team reunites in July.


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Abby Chan

Jun 16, 2020 at 9:57 PM

Fire tests the purity of silver and gold, life experiences cultivates success.


Jun 19, 2020 at 11:52 PM

Wow😎💪🏻 Congratulation!!!


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